Monday, December 25, 2006

Santa Claus Was Coming to Town

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from my ward, Dmitri (aka Little Brother). "Can diabetics have chocolates?" "Only if they're special chocolates for diabetics." "What can I get for Eleanor (his stepmother) then?" "Dmitri, Eleanor isn't diabetic, she's epileptic." "But I've already bought them." "Well if you've already bought them.."

Katy's voice from the kitchen "Cross out diabetic, and write in epileptic!".

And may all your Christmases be .......

Ho Ho Ho to anyone bored enough to be reading this today.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Have Yourselves a Merry Little


Have a wonderful Yule. It's a festival that can be shared by believers and non-believers of every sphere.

May the Lord of Mis-rule bring fun and happiness to your homes.

And if nothing inspires me to post again before January,

Happy New Year to All!

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Rush of Blood to the Head

Yesterday, over at Pickled Politics, I had what the Chairman used to call A Rush of Blood to the Head.

I was almost indiscreet.

I revealed more about myself and my life than I normally do. I also promised more.

I am not about to renege, but I am going to give some thought to what I say and how to say it, so not a great deal today.

As a teaser however, I will say that just before they went on stage at Live Aid, an over-excited Freddie Mercury was heard to offer a bj to the first man to drop his trousers.

And as someone who hasn't taken anything recreational for over 20 years (when I stubbed out my last Gitane, it was the last non-prescribed drug I took), I had my first spliff with a pre-Led Zep Pagey in the back of a Transit on the way to a gig.

More tomorrow.