Friday, December 07, 2007

No Money Down`

I know. And I'm sorry.

I did promise to tell the story of my long incarceration in Stalag NHS, but there is an Official Complaint in the offing, and, therefore, the whole thing is currently sub judice. And as I am still in the chair, and waiting to go into another NHS establishment for a prolonged stay in the new year, I am somewhat pissed off.

But I am getting (all digits crossed) a NEW CAR, courtesy of Motability, because I am 'in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility Component' part of my Disabled Living Allowance. This is incredibly exciting. It is a brand new Citroen Grand C4 Picasso. I am having this model because it will take my huge knees as the controls are on the steering wheel and there is no central console, and because it is automatic, and I will only have to use one foot, I will be able to drive myself again.

I had no idea that I was entitled to this, until the Motability people contacted me, and have gee'd me up, until I made the phone call, and literally put the wheels in motion.

Anyway, a nice man from Citroen brought one for me to look at yesterday, inspected my driving licence, Katy's driving licence, my papers from the DWP and my telephone bill, gave me a couple of brochures and after trying unsuccessfully to coax La Fluffita from the sofa, left. I perused the brochures, telephoned his boss, and, hopefully, early next week will hear when the Chairmobile will arrive.

Now, I know I have called this post 'No Money Down', but because of the model I have chosen (every available extra except Satnav - come on, I can (a) read a map and (b) built in Satnav is about £1,400 extra. Yes, you did read it correctly), I do actually have to make a modest financial contribution, and by the way, lose the Mobility Component of my DLA, but it will give me some independence back, even if, for the moment I will still need someone with me, it will still be me behind the wheel!


Z said...

Hey, you'll be able to practise Road Politeness!

Anonymous said...

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