Thursday, January 03, 2008

All or Nothing

It was Katy who inspired this post.

In a comment on her blog, Everything is Electric (sorry, not clever enough to make a link), she mentions the late Chairman's friendship with the late Small Face, Stevie Marriott, and the good times she remembers playing with his children/step children when we visited him.

One of these afore-mentioned Happy Memories concern his habit of staggering in to the room where the children were playing, and telling them all to 'Fuck off' when things became too rowdy. In fact the first time this happened, Katy rose to her 10 year old feet and said 'We're not allowed to use the F word Mr. Marriott'.

I know this happened because 'The Midget'. Marriott's own name for himself, then staggered into the kitchen, and told me. We were alone in the room at the time, and when the hilarity had subsided, he turned to me and said 'How about coming upstairs for a fuck?'. I was a bit surprised, apart from the fact that I had thought that I was past the date when former superstars propositioned me, the Chairman and Mrs Marriott were both only a stone's throw away.

But still, you never want to insult your husband's friends do you, even when they're trying to have their way with you? He might have thought he was being polite. So I went for the soft option, no pun intended. 'You should have asked me years ago' I said 'When I was still young and lovely, and you were still rich and famous'. That appeared to save face on both sides.

I never did tell the Chairman.


Clarissa said...

Chairwoman, you are one classy chick. I aspire to be such. Thanks for being an example.

Nathalie said...

Ha, brilliant reply. Of the kind that I usually find a couple of hours later, wishing I'd had the wits the come up with it at the time.
You're a great storyteller, Chairwoman, apart from being very wise.

Anonymous said...

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d. chedwick said...

Chairwoman, I think of you often and wonder how you are, if you're getting around, etc... miss you.

ModernityBlog said...

You should write more, I enjoy reading your contributions at Pickled Politics, but frankly I have little time for the site owner, so don't visit too much.

Please write more and often.

Good luck :)

Yaeli said...

Hey, I second your writing more and more often!

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